Goebbels-like Accusations by PJAK

Statement by the Executive Council of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch on the Accusations by PJAK Militants

Paul Joseph Goebbels was a German nationalist politician who served as Minister of Propaganda for the Third Reich from 1933 to 1945.

Big lie is a technique in propaganda. The technique was first used by the Jews. Hitler in ‘’My Battle’’ book says that Germany’s defeat in World War I was accepted because Jews who had control on the press used the technique. This method requires that the lie should be so big that no one will say that “nobody is so rude to manipulate the truth so shamelessly”.

This shame in manipulating the truth can be clearly seen in the behavior of a Stalinist party such as PJAK. The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, as is well known in its conduct and subject to the judgment of public opinion, has never engaged in political activity because the dignity of human rights and citizenship is beyond the party and political conduct. It is also very clear because an armed group such as PJAK who pretends to be a political party, only carries the name of the party and behaves in a way that is incompatible with modern definitions of the political parties, becomes involved in human rights-based activities, cannot adhere to the International Covenant on Human Rights because party and group interests will always take precedence over anything. It is, therefore, argued that the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch insists on not engaging in political party behavior.

Unfortunately, after the demands of a number of families affected by the violence and extremism of armed PJAK militants, first of all, actors of the deception and abduction of Kurdish children, such as Kaveh Saghezi, who is an illiterate and malicious person, started to threaten and entered the process of insulting so as to stop Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch from keeping on legal actions and pursuing the rights of Iranian Kurdish citizens more seriously, and in this way, PKK/PJAK-affiliated Firat  News Agency published a hasty and insulting note last night to deny the allegations.

However, the Goebbels-like claims of the PJAK affiliated website have been documented by Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch and will be handed over  the a UN competent legal organizations.

This will be judicially pursued by the assistance of several Iranian lawyers in several European countries who are friends and associates of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, so the officials and executives of the PJAK militia and affiliated media are notified and recommended to notice and take action as soon as possible otherwise PJAK actors will be pursued in UN, Europe and Iraq.

۱. If you have definite documents on affiliation and allegations made on the Euphrates website against Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, you should publish them immediately, without any delay, or otherwise remove the entire false report from your site.

It must be said that the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch legal team has put serious legal and judicial action on its agenda.

 ۲. It is necessary to provide the Kurdish families with the transparent information on Corona outbreaks in the PJAK camps and the information on the status of the Kurdish children and adolescents and youth currently in the PJAK in the Northern Iraq mountains. Health care and assistance are not available for them. This humanitarian demand will have no political implications for PJAK but will ease the concerns of a large number of Iranian Kurdish families.

۳. Urgently returning the children under the age of 18 who are considered as child soldiers in accordance with international child conventions to their families and this with the aim of proving good faith.

We hope that the PJAK leaders, who are often in Europe, will take reasonable behaviour on this statement.

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