Hajareh, a mother who defeated the PKK

Following the sit-in of the mothers protesting against the HDP for its role in kidnapping children to join the PKK, Ms. Hajreh Akar says the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) is involved in her child’s abduction. This mother, who has been in front of the HDP office since August of last year without any interruption says “we should not give in the PKK. This group is in trouble. It kidnaps our children and takes them away from school and gives them guns to continue their violence. I finally succeeded to bring back my child,”, “The rest mothers must be hopeful and resist.”

On the other hand, Fatemeh Bingol, Tuncay’s mother, continues to sit and says that her son was only 14 years old when he was abducted in 2014, and that HPP is responsible for the abduction. I have four children. I haven’t heard from Tuncay for six years. I can’t stand. I have thought about suicide many times. If he hears me, he must flee and return by all means. My son should know that PKK prevents him from returning only to have him killed.

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