Turkey’s military operations in northern Iraq; Messenger of death and infrastructure destruction

According to Community Peacebuilding Teams, Turkish military operations in Iraqi Kurdistan killed 24 civilians in 2023.

A report by the Community Peacebuilding Teams (CPT) shows that 24 civilians died as a result of Turkish military operations in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in 2023, which contradicts the recent denial by the Turkish Foreign Minister. This information was revealed by Kamran Osman, a member of the Iraqi Kurdistan team of the CPT, and emphasizes the strong impact of Turkey’s military actions in the region.

Osman revealed in a detailed report that out of these 24 dead, 7 civilians were killed by Turkish drone attacks, 3 by Turkish fighters and 1 by a mine explosion. The remain have been attributed to various other Turkish military operations in the region.

This report presents the number of casualties in different provinces as follows: in Duhok province, 5 killed and 3 wounded, in Erbil province, 1 killed and 8 wounded, and in Sulaymaniyah province, 5 killed and 2 wounded.

These figures strongly contradict the claims of Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan. During the budget debate in the Turkish Parliament on December 21, Fidan responded to the criticisms of Meral Danış Beştaş, the deputy head of the pro-Kurdish Democracy and People’s Equality Party group and asserted that Turkey’s cross-border operations had not resulted in any civilian casualties, a claim now directly challenged by the CPT’s findings.

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