YPG’s mandatory conscription campaign continues

The YPG detained 28 young people in the province of Raqqa, which it occupied in Syria, under the name of “compulsory military service”, to forcibly join its armed staff.

PKK/YPG terrorists raided the town of Mansura in the western countryside of Raqqa yesterday.

The organization detained a total of 28 people who had a picnic with their families on the banks of the river in the town.

“Forced conscription” will continue as the organization’s leadership fears a new Turkish incursion, following the spread of pamphlets in Abu Rasin asking locals to clear the town, and the drone attack near Til Temir, that killed a YPG commander named Rezan Roj (a Kurd of Iranian origin) among other militants.

The detained youth were taken to so-called training camps in Tabqa district in Raqqa’s western countryside.

It has been learned that the YPG will continue to forcibly detain young people in Raqqa city center and rural areas in order to add them to its armed staff.

Mandatory conscription has been a reason for continuing revolt and protests in Arab territories held by YPG/SDF.

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