Three Kurdish children; The latest victims of the PKK-Turkey war

The Firat news agency, affiliated with the PKK armed group, which has been engaged in a fruitless war with Turkey for 40 years, announced on its website that four members, including three of its underage recruits, have been killed in the war with the Turkish army.

The PKK has said the children were killed in the Kurdish region of Iraq, but did not explain why it uses children in the war in Turkey and what the Turkish government’s war with the Turkish opposition has to do with the Iraqi Kurdish region.

According to the PKK, the Turkish army has been attacking the media protection areas (Medya Savunma Alanlari, Qandil) since April 1, 2021.

The PKK says the three children were killed in June as a result of fighting and bombing by the Turkish army. The important question is at these minors were doing there in the first place?

The next question is why did the PKK announce this news with a delay of more than two months? Why does the PKK not announce the burial place of these people? At what age did these children become members of the PKK?

Questions like these have been left unanswered by the PKK for years, that has stopped publishing the date of birth of its fighters killed in action after criticism after repeated criticism by human rights organizations.

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Kurdish children continue to die in the fruitless war between the PKK and Turkey: Abdullah Ismaili

Several media outlets have reported that the PKK has turned Camp Makhmur into a military base. The PKK has taken full control of the Makhmour camp and will not allow UN or other official agencies to visit or be stationed there.

The PKK, in particular, has taken advantage of the events of October 26 to turn Camp Makhmour into a military and local base for training its forces.

With this act, the PKK is seriously endangering the lives of thousands of refugees and displaced people, and using them as a human shield.

In an interview with news networks and reporters, many IDPs expressed their disgust with the PKK’s inhumane policies in the camp and, on condition of anonymity, described the PKK’s policies against the peace and well-being of the people of the region.

They believe that the presence of the PKK has caused Turkish planes to bomb the camp. They point out that the PKK does not even spare their children and deceives them to become armed members of the PKK.

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“There is no news about my sister’s body”

Another important point in the news of the death of these children is the non-publication of the photo of the fourth person.

Why did the PKK not publish the photo of the fourth person?

Was it perhaps a high-ranking member of the PKK?

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