Turkey’s military operations in northern Iraq; Messenger of death and infrastructure destruction

According to Community Peacebuilding Teams, Turkish military operations in Iraqi Kurdistan killed 24 civilians in 2023. A report by the Community Peacebuilding Teams (CPT) shows that 24 civilians died as a result of Turkish military operations in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in 2023, which contradicts the recent denial by the Turkish Foreign Minister. This information […]

Turkey brought Free Syrian Army fighters to the region to fight against PKK

Aiming to maintain control over a 100-kilometer area in Metîna, Zap, and Avaşîn, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) advanced only 8 kilometers in 6 days and to reinforce the Turkish Army, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters were brought to the operation area. As the military operation that was launched by the Turkish Armed Forces […]

Will Iran support the PKK? Turkish expansion in Syria, Iraq and Azerbaijan will not go unanswered.

BY Hedwig Kuijpers As springtime is near, Turkey is preparing for its next large-scale offensive against its archenemy; the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). It already started with its incessant shelling of Ayn-Issa in North-Syria, threatened to invade Sinjar, and the execution of an operation centering around the Gare mountain in Duhok district, Iraqi Kurdistan. But […]

Condemnation after Iraqi-Kurd journalists given 6 years in jail

Sentences spark outrage across the Kurdish region where press freedom has been in precipitous decline for some time. By Sofia Barbarani and Hakeem Dawd Qaradaghi Baghdad, Iraq – Iraqi Kurdish journalists Sherwan Sherwani and Guhdar Zebari were sentenced to six years in jail in a move that has been labelled “unfair and disproportionate” by press […]

Media Ethics in Iraqi Kurdistan

Yesterday, viewers of Rudaw News Channel could watch a program, in which a 10-year-old girl was invited to describe the trauma she has experienced. This young girl, who told her story on live TV, had been raped by six different men over the last two years. The way this program was shown, actually shows us […]

State-owned media in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Iraqi Kurdish region is one of the Middle-East’s most notorious places for a lack in press freedom. Both tribes ruling the region, the Barzanis and Talabanis, are known for arresting and even assassinating journalists. But the lack of freedom goes much further than solely the persecution of those that are caught commenting their rulers, […]


The Assyrian deputy Farid Yaqoub, head of the Rafidain bloc in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, called on the governments of Baghdad and Erbil to assume their responsibilities in preserving the sovereignty of the country and protecting the lives and property of innocent citizens in the border areas bordering Turkey due to ground attacks and […]

Rudaw belittles women on live TV: the result of tribalism

Translated from German Last night, Rudaw had a special program and the headline was ”Romi Harki: Women must fear their men.” In the 30 minute lasting program, the Iraqi Kurdish singer Romi Harki was interviewed about his views on women and their place in society. Harki has made very disturbing statements throughout the show, that […]