Human rights activists protest PJAK crimes against women

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), a large group of human rights and civil society activists took part in a Twitter storm at the invitation of the IKHRW on Saturday, December 27, 2016, coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

To protest against the violation of human rights and the rights of women and girls in the PJAK terrorist group. In this Twitter storm, users included examples of PJAK crimes against Iranian Kurdish women and girls, urging government institutions in Iran, Kurdish elites, and journalists to pay attention to these crimes and the need to address and condemn them. In this Twitter storm, users also asked Iranian embassies to follow up on the fate of girls abducted by PJAK in accordance with their duties. It is worth mentioning that the PJAK terrorist group kidnapped, deceived and killed hundreds of Iranian girls in the PKK war with Turkey and did not even deliver their bodies to their families.

The hashtags used in this Twitter storm were:



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