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PYD-ENKS unification talks continue

According to top PYD politician Xelil Aldar, the PYD-ENKS talks have reached a new level after US ambassador James Jeffrey’s visit last week. In a media statement he has released information on agreements made between the two rival parties. A new body will be established that will hold 40 seats. 16 seats for PYD-linked parties, […]

Khalil Aldar’s statement to Syrians

Khalil answers concerned Syrians worries with regard to latest understandings among Kurdish parties in an official media statement. Aldar Khalil said that what the Kurdish parties reached in Syria is a preliminary understanding, after it became clear that there is no major difference in political views among the Kurdish people. He noted that the wrong […]

Conflicting news from North-East Syria’s Kurdish Politics

As we have reported yesterday, SDC’s Elham Ehmed, PYD’s Aldar Xelil and SDF ‘general’ Mazloum Kobane gave conflicting updates on their visions for future alliances. Today, Mazloum Kobane made statements to Kurdistan24, a Kurdish TV channel based in KRG. He stated:”We have now moved to the second phase. We hope that both political parties will […]

New Kurdish party announced in North-East Syria

PYD-affiliated news outlets have confirmed the formation of a new umbrella organization for Kurdish parties that operate in North-East Syria. The statement was as following: “25 political parties and movements in North-East Syria formed a political umbrella aimed at uniting the Kurdish rank called “Kurdish National Unity Parties.”” The text of a written statement included […]

Turkey: PYD/ENKS peace talks is a conspiracy to create international representing space for the PKK in North-East Syria

Turkey is openly disgruntled over the US-backed effort to unite disparate Syrian Kurdish rival political factions that kicked off last month. Turkish disgruntlement was palpable in a May 11 dispatch in Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency. It characterized the effort to unite disparate Syrian Kurdish factions as more of a conspiracy aimed at creating “international […]

France holds talks between PYD and ENKS

After the US-sponsored peace talks, a french delegation has met the rival Kurdish parties PYD and ENKS. Both the US and France are involved in a plan to reconcile the parties. Between ENKS and PYD many problems have occurred over the past few years. The parties have big ideological differences. PYD has arrested ENKS-members, closed […]

PYD and ENKS hold a rare meeting

Commander-in-Chief of the SDF, PYD’s military wing, Mezlum Ebdi stated in a news conference today that the stances of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Kurdish National Council in Syria (ENKS) and all other political parties are positive on the issue of Kurdish unity. Ebdi also called on all political parties to support the […]