PYD and ENKS hold a rare meeting

Commander-in-Chief of the SDF, PYD’s military wing, Mezlum Ebdi stated in a news conference today that the stances of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Kurdish National Council in Syria (ENKS) and all other political parties are positive on the issue of Kurdish unity.
Ebdi also called on all political parties to support the initiative and work together for its success.
The statement came after Mezlum Ebdi received a delegation of intellectuals and a number of independents from the Kobani region. He also stated that the results of the meeting will be published within a few days.
ENKS representatives have said to other media outlets that they are only talking to PYD because the USA has told them to do so.
These statements by ENKS representatives can be confirmed through an earlier statement of mr. Hakim al-Bashir on his personal facebook page in november 2019, following an invitation by Mazloum Abdi. He named 6 demands that should be met before they could start to talk: 1) Mazloum Abdi should officially announce his resignation from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and renounce its actions & practices. 2) He should officially state the disconnection of SDF with the Qandil leadership. 3) Remove all elements connected with the PKK from the troops he is leading.
4) Hand over the persons and groups which practised crimes like the Amouda massacre, the Aal Sheikh Ni’saan massacre in Afrin, the Kobani massacre and the killings of Nasr al-Din Birhok, Mash’al Tammo and others. Plus these persons should face a fair trial. 5) Investigation into the fate of persons who disappeared by his troops, among them friend Bahzaad Dorsan and lawyer Idris Alo. 6) Announcement of a political party with a National Syrian program.
It is interesting how the Americans as well as the French are pushing for a reconciliation between the 2 Syrian Kurdish blocs (Assyrians and Arabs aren’t even asked anything) in the Northeast of Syria, as the vast majority of YPG/SDF controlled areas is not Kurdish.
There have been efforts made by different parties to reconcile the two kurdish blocs, with no results until yet. Before this meeting, there have been talks held by Barzani in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. The french have held a meeting as well, and meetings were held in The Hague and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Aliza Marcus – the writer of the book ‘Blood and Belief’ and internationally well-known PKK-expert – said she believes chances for an agreement are slim. She said the Kurdish National Council ENKS and the PYD negotiated three previous deals to give the council some power and these all fell apart. Both sides share the blame, but the fundamental problems have been that the PYD doesn’t like to share power and the council hasn’t wanted to recognize the legitimacy of its self-proclaimed autonomous administration.
She also has stated that the willingness of the PYD to reconcile has everything to do with the Turkish invasion and its loss of territory.

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