Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) warns Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government officials

Numerous reports published in News Agencies confirm the escalating tensions between the Kurdistan Regional Goverment (KRG) and the PKK militias and reports from the KRG indicate that Turkey is seriously restricting the PKK in the region with the cooperation of the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).
On the other hand, we have been informed by the correspondent of the IKHRW in the city of Sulaimaniyah that the militia forces of the PKK are ready, on the order of their central commanding base, to fight and the HPG commanders of the PKK military branch and the YRK military branch of the PJAK have sent their troops to residential areas in neighboring villages.
According to the news, they intend to drive the conflict to residential areas and, in fact, to use the villagers as human shields. The IKHRW calls on Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials to settle the situation through dialogue, regardless of the parties’ goals and positions. The request has been formally sent to Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government officials and affiliated media, and given that PKK and PJAK militias are made up of some Iranian Kurdish children and youth, too, so any tension could lead to their death.
The petition also called for the issue of forcing the return of young children, whom PJAK and PKK have mainly recruited in various ways. The IKHRW lawyers have expressed their readiness to cooperate in this way.

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