The latest victim of PJAK terrorism: A girl from Makoo city

The process of deception, abduction, execution, and killing the Iranian Kurdish youth and adolescents by PJAK and the PKK began years ago and continues. Under age Kurdish adolescents who are known to have been deceived or abducted all have a single and definite destiny: “Execution and being killed while fleeing PJAK headquarters or in Turkish attacks or become helpless terrorists and, of course, the victim at best; they die”.

The terrorist PKK/PJAK-affiliated media, namely the Firat News Agency, has once again committed a new crime by announcing the death of their members killed in November 2017, on April 20, 1400. “Four PKK members were killed in the bombing of the Media Protection Areas on October 1,” the Firat wrote.

ANF Images

Examination of the images published by the Euphrates shows the evil nature of the PKK and PJAK. Children who are under age have fallen victim to terrorism and the group’s fruitless and sectarian wars to prove once again that the PKK has no mission other than massacring the Kurds. Among those recently killed, there was a Kurdish girl from Makoo, North West Iran. In fact, the Iranians have fallen victim to a terrorist group’s war with the Turkish government in another country. Nazifeh Balkhankloo, code name Dalila Chia was born in Makoo, whose pictures show that she is very young and that she was certainly deceived or abducted under age.

ANF Images

Indeed, how do the PKK and PJAK who do not stop this policy of recruiting child soldiers benefit from the killing of Kurdish teenagers? Was Nazifeh really killed in the Turkish attack or was eliminated by the PJAK? Is she still alive and the PJAK has announced her death 30 months late just to prevent the family from pursuing her fate? Et cetra…

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