New Kurdish party announced in North-East Syria

PYD-affiliated news outlets have confirmed the formation of a new umbrella organization for Kurdish parties that operate in North-East Syria.
The statement was as following: “25 political parties and movements in North-East Syria formed a political umbrella aimed at uniting the Kurdish rank called “Kurdish National Unity Parties.””
The text of a written statement included its goals and a list of the parties that formed the umbrella organization:
Due to the circumstances that Syria and the region in general go through, and the need to meet Kurdish political parties and forces with the aim of supporting and seeking to succeed the initiative of the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in order to unify the Kurdish position and rank in Rojava Kurdistan, we, the Kurdish parties in the Democratic Autonomous Administration in addition to other parties from outside the administration, held a meeting in Qamishlo on 18/05/2020 and we reached the following:

  • Holding joint activities under the name “Kurdish National Unity Parties”, so that these activities keep pace with the current developments on the level of the Kurdish unity through a body that represents it.
  • Choosing a logo (slogan) expressing the “Kurdish National Unity Parties”.
  • Holding regular meetings for the representatives of these parties in order to exchange views on the latest developments on the ground.
    The Kurdish National Unity Parties​: The Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party
    The Democratic Union Party (PYD)
    The Kongra Star
    The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (P.D.K.S)
    The Kurdistan Green Party
    The Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria
    The Kurdish Left Party in Syria
    The Kurdistan Liberal Union
    The Kurdistan Brotherhood Party (PBK)
    The Kurdish National Party in Syria
    The Kurdistan Democratic Change Party
    The Kurdistan Renewal Movement – Syria
    The Democratic Struggle Party
    The Free Kurdistan Azadi Party
    The Free Patriotic Union Party – Rojava
    The Kurdistan Republican Party – Syria
    The Reform Movement – Syria
    The Kurdistan Communist Party (KKP)
    The Kurdish Democratic Roj Party in Syria
    The Kurdistan Future Movement
    The Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria
    The Kurdistan Workers Union Party
    The Kurdistan National Rally Party
    The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Accord Party
    The Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (Al-Party).
    The list does not include any of the parties that operate under the ENKS logo.
    As you can see, none of the parties that operate under the ENKS banner are included in this new umbrella organization. All of the parties have already been somehow operating under the TEV-DEM banner or the Syrian Democratic Council.
    Right after the announcement of this formation, speculations have started that this might just be another attempt for the PKK’s Syrian political wing at gaining international support for their cause, without including its Kurdish rivals.
    Multiple peace talks have been held this month between PYD/SDF and the Barzani-affiliated ENKS umbrella group of Kurdish parties, who have long been rivals. These peace talks were held under US and French support in an attempt from the international coalition for the reconciliation of Kurdish rival parties.
    No successes at reconciliation have been reported yet, and this might be an attempt to show the world that Syrian Kurds are unifying, without including ENKS.
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