Ali Aouni: “Kurdish MPs have moral problems”

Ali Aouni, a leading member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), says the Kurdish MPs opposing Baghdad for sending the salary budget to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) fear the Iraqi Government and they tryto prevent the moneyto be sent.

He added that the issue of paying employees’ salaries by a central government bank instead of the Kurdistan Region banks is not true, and this was done in line with the efforts of Serva Abdul Wahed, a Kurdish representative, to collect the signatures of 100 representatives to prevent the money transfer.

“Worst of all, the Kurdish representatives are at the forefront of this action. They are like the spies of Saddam’s era,” said the KDP leader. These people have cases of corruption and morality, and they have even taken bribes, and they cannot act independently and this because of fear. “They are taking a stand against the KRG in order to gain money.”

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