Massoud Adi: PKK must stop using violence and weapons

A Syrian Kurdish political activist asked the PKK to stop using violence and weapons and not kill people anymore. And the presence of the PKK in the KRG is in Turkey’s favor. Massoud Adi added, “The presence of the PKK has never been legal in the Kurdistan Region, especially in any way it is a big problem for the people. The latest case is an attack of the PKK the Peshmerga. “

It has military and security relations with all groups and factions against the Kurdistan Region and is openly hostile to the KRG, as example of the actions of the PKK is its presence in Shangal. The time has come for the PKK to leave the region because it is working against the interests of the Kurdistan Region. The PKK is the executor of foreign programs and is the enemy of the Kurdistan Region. It does not hide this.”

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