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Massoud Adi: PKK must stop using violence and weapons

A Syrian Kurdish political activist asked the PKK to stop using violence and weapons and not kill people anymore. And the presence of the PKK in the KRG is in Turkey’s favor. Massoud Adi added, “The presence of the PKK has never been legal in the Kurdistan Region, especially in any way it is a […]

A founder of PKK: the PKK is an instrument of governments

In an interview about the attacks of the PKK in the Kurdistan Region, Selim Curukkaya, one of the founding members of the PKK, says, “All Kurds must leave the PKK. They should ask the organization not let the Kurds be killed by the Kurds. “It is an instrument in the hands of the governments.” The […]

The Kurds as pawns on the political chessboard of Syria

By Hedwig Kuijpers The Complexity of realising Kurdish Unity Despite years of media suggesting otherwise, the Kurdish population do not have any unity, not between countries and not amongst themselves. In Turkey, the PKK has held the ‘Kurdish political monopoly’, as it was very careful not to let any other Kurdish parties grow. Up until […]

USA appoints former SDF fighters to “guard the oil” in a new agreement

Reliable sources have confirmed that U.S. forces intend to give the task of guarding oil fields and pipelines in eastern Euphrates to the Kurds and put SDF fighters in charge. The fighters to be assigned should have long and hard combat experience and have waged battles with ISIS. This development comes as a part of […]