The hollow promises of the Kurdistan Freedom Armed Group (PAK) to recruit members and deceive the Kurdish youth

One of the Iranian Kurdish citizens who planned to join this armed group, has recently published a series of his conversations with the supporters of this group on the virtual network.

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, as a human rights watch and active in the field of monitoring human rights violations in the Kurdish areas of West Asia with an emphasis on the Kurdish areas of Iran, in several detailed reports on human rights violations, the use of children as armed forces and the bodyguard of senior officials has pointed out the deception of Kurdish youth and teenagers to join this armed group, illegal imprisonment and not allowing children and other members to leave, and numerous armed actions in the Kurdistan Freedom Group (PAK).

In fact, it must be said that this armed group continuously violates the principles of human rights and the right to life and various international laws, and it is necessary for the local government in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, as well as the relevant authorities in Iran, to follow up on these actions that violate human rights. Since the Kurdistan Freedom Group is not popular among the people of the Kurdish regions of Iran and has a record of armed actions and the killing of some Kurdish civilians, it still relies on deception and false promises to attract members, and secondly, after recruiting, they actually imprison them.

One of the Iranian Kurdish citizens who planned to join this armed group, has recently published a series of his conversations with the supporters of this group on the virtual network, which received a lot of feedback and caused many discussions about armed groups like PAK and the way they attract members. In fact, these armed groups with a black record of human rights do not actually attract members; rather, they have taken them hostage with a false promise.

The remarkable point in this series of conversations is the effort of the PAK member to deceive! That is, the mentioned person claims that the conditions in PAK are very good and that they do not have members, but are some devotees. How do the members of an armed group, which have a history of killing and numerous human rights violations in its record, consider themselves to be devotees?

To be a devotee in PAK structure is the license to kill and use children as armed forces?

The purpose of attraction with deception in this short conversation is quite obvious. Kurdistan Freedom Armed Group has falsely claimed that the first 3 years of membership in this group is completely mandatory! Of course, PAK and its leaders do not answer, why should an armed group declare membership for 3 years mandatory? Is PAK the official army of an independent and official government? If the answer is yes, why is this government not recognized by the United Nations?

Why are the PAK members in the mountains on the run? Basically, what is the purpose of three years of compulsory membership in PAK? Training the armed forces with the aim of killing Kurds? The next important issue is that after three years, will PAK leave the person? Is it easy to leave an armed group? Does PAK, because of its armed nature and human rights violations, easily allow members to leave? Or is it afraid of revealing his secrets and may kill the person who wants to leave for this reason? The lies of PAK and its supporters can be well proven in this short conversation. If a person wants to leave PAK before 3 years, won’t he be tortured and imprisoned? Can the leaders of this group publish the names and list of their members who left PAK peacefully after 3 years of forced service (slavery)? Several reports have been published showing that the applicant was actually killed by PAK members while fleeing.

The next point is the security environment and the imprisonment of members of this group, shows how closed and poisoned PAK environment is. A PAK member must give up the mobile phone for 3 years. In the situation that in all the world’s armies and the most security military units, the right to communicate and use communication devices, internet and mobile phones has been recognized, An armed group with a history of killing civilians has banned its members from using mobile phones for 3 years and claims the freedom of Kurdistan. The important question is, in those 3 years, what is the person going to do that should not have access to a cell phone? Why is PAK so worried about the conflict of opinions and the entry of opposing ideas and other thoughts among its members? If PAK is confident in the ideology and training of its members, why doesn’t it allow its members to use cell phones? In fact, PAK is not an armed group, nor a party, but an armed sect whose members are imprisoned. In an armed sect, they use child members as bodyguards and claim the freedom of the same Kurdish children. These published conversations show how closed and secure the structure of this armed sect is, and the goal is not to train devotees! But is the metamorphosis and brainwashing of Kurdish youth and turn them into criminals.

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