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Forced disappearance of Idris Rahimzadeh by PAK

The story of Edris Rahimzadeh born in 1994, can be investigated within this framework. According to IKHRW, from Saqqez, forced disappearance is one of the policies of armed and terrorist groups towards their members. One of the fundamental rights of individuals and humanity is immunity from any form of assault on physical and mental integrity. […]

Disclosure of reasons for membership of Fariba Piri in Democrat and PAK armed groups

Fariba Piri was initially recruited by the Democrat group and then PAK. According to the IKHRW, one of the reasons and backgrounds for the recruitment of Kurdish armed groups in Kurdish areas of Iran is unsuccessful marriage experiences of women who are likely forced to marry due to family pressure and after divorce, in order […]

Family conflicts and pressure on women; the groundwork for joining Kurdish armed groups

Somayeh Moradi: as soon as my family realized where I went, they quickly pursued me. According to IKHRW Somayeh Moradi, a former member of PAK and Democrat, is one of those who in an interview with the reporter has announced due to conflicts with her mother and communication via Telegram with members of the PAK […]

PAK misuses family disputes of a Kurdish woman to recruit her

Fatemeh Choupanposht joined PAK with her two-year-old son. According to the IKHRW from Bukan, one of the social problems in Kurdish areas of Iran is forced marriage, family disputes and inappropriate behavior towards women and girls. In fact, the Kurdish woman is forced to seek refuge with an armed group to escape social disorder and […]

PAK is responsible for the life of “Masoumeh Soheili zad”

The Soheili zad family immediately left for Erbil after finding out where Masoumeh had gone. According to the report of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch reporter from Ilam, the PAK group, which has a history of using children as armed forces and protectors in its history and is one of the most notorious Kurdish armed […]

The horrifying narration of “Setareh Zadhesh” about being in the headquarters of the PJAK and escaping from them

Setareh; from child marriage to child soldier in PJAK. According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, the deception and kidnapping of young Iranian Kurdish girls and teenagers is one of the common and popular methods of Kurdish armed groups, girls and women are more interested in groups such as, PJAK, PAK. Komala, Demokrat, and […]

PJAK; The main suspect for kidnapping Fardin Salehi

Fardin Salehi, was born in 1999 and was in his final year of high school. one of the methods of providing manpower in armed groups is kidnapping and deceiving teenagers and young people and using them as military forces. This method is very common among Kurd armed groups in the northern and northwestern borders of […]

Truth in the Heart of Darkness: Ejin’s Mother in Search of Her Kidnapped Daughter

A report of a mother’s search to get family’s only daughter, Ejin back, from PAK. Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch recently conducted an interview with the mother of a girl named Ejin Amini, joined the Kurdistan Liberation Armed Group at 14. This shows that child soldiers and its effects in the local communities of Iranian […]

The continuation of PAK crimes against Iranian Kurdish young man; the massacre of the Veisi family in Iraq

The last word of Mr. Veisi was a wish: Now I have only one wish: the return of my son and freedom from the hell of Hossein Yazdan Panah! According to the IKHRW, the crimes of the PAK against Iranian Kurdish young people and teenagers are still continuing and every day new aspects are revealed. […]

Using children as armed guards in the Kurdistan Freedom Party group (PAK)

The interesting thing about Kurdistan Freedom Group is the very small number of its members. Teenage girls were lured and probably joined with promises of work, money and even immigration and education in Europe and finally they were in these armed groups. While use of children as armed members in governmental and non-governmental military groups […]
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