PAK is responsible for the life of “Masoumeh Soheili zad”

The Soheili zad family immediately left for Erbil after finding out where Masoumeh had gone.

According to the report of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch reporter from Ilam, the PAK group, which has a history of using children as armed forces and protectors in its history and is one of the most notorious Kurdish armed groups, continues kidnapping Iranian children and using them as child soldiers and does not answer about their fate. The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch  interviewed the families of children who were deceived and kidnapped by this group. It went to “Masoumeh Soheili zad’s mother – daughter of Shir Ali”. Masoumeh was born in 1380 in Ilam, and according to her mother, she is in the possession of the PAK, and her mother has done all she could to get her daughter back home but hasn’t succeeded yet.

Masoumeh leaves home

Masoumeh’s mother explains: “On 2019.12.16, my daughter left home without prior notice. Masoumeh was absent for a long time, we visited everywhere, but no one knew about her. That’s why we went to the village police station to inform them that our daughter is missing. About 15 to 20 days passed and there was no news of my daughter! After about 20 days, we found out that Masoumeh entered PAK!

The reason for her membership

Masoumeh’s mother says: “I don’t know what made my child decide to join such a group. The reason is still unclear to us. She did not say anything in the short meeting with us. On the other hand, I did everything as I went to the judicial and government centers and complained to get my daughter back.

 The family departures to Erbil and meets Masoumeh

The Soheili zad family immediately left for Erbil after finding out where Masoumeh had gone. Masoumeh’s mother says: “After we found out where she went, we quickly went to Erbil. But we could not meet her; because they did not allow. In fact, our daughter was not a member but was imprisoned! But we insisted and cried so much that they finally let us see her for a few minutes!  But what a meeting?! Some armed people were with us! We were not comfortable and could not talk! My daughter did not say anything special; she only asked about the family and didn’t say anything about herself and the living conditions in the Group! It was clear that she was afraid. I told her to leave it and come back. But he didn’t say anything; just by his eyes, I could see that she has really regretted. But unfortunately, because they were watching us, she was not allowed to speak. Masoumeh loved her family and was not a political, person! She was only 18 years old! Whenever I asked about the decision and said you can’t live here, she just kept silent! Those who took care of us did not allow my daughter to speak for even a second and they kept interrupting that your daughter is 18 years old and she should make her own decision.

Meeting place

“We did not enter PAK headquarters, after several hours they brought her to another place.”

Second trip to Erbil; with the families of children captured in PAK

Soheili zad family went to Iraqi Kurdistan to follow up on their daughter’s condition and to file a complaint against that group, and gathered in front of the United Nations office in Erbil. “What happened was happy for me. Since we were able to take actions in Erbil and make our voice heard by the UN, I hope that we will get the right result” explained Masoumeh’s mother about her trip to Iraqi Kurdistan. Because I am really worried about my daughter, since the day we returned from Erbil until now, I haven’t heard from her for about 3 months. Even now, we are the only ones who are waiting for the news of the lawyer to see what happens. Can we take our complaint to a better stage and bring our daughter back home or not. I hope and pray.”

Children’s confessions; absolutely mandatory

Ms. Soheili zad says about some videos published of children and teenagers of PAK: “I watched the videos. They say they are satisfied with living in that group and are critical of the families who went to Erbil to follow up on their situation. In my opinion, tit is a forced confession. All young and adolescent members speak in the same way. Rest assured they were all threatened. What do they want to be satisfied with? Does living in a mansion, mountains, or tent have any appeal? What is the value of holding a gun for girls?

Intimidation by PAK in Erbil

“I can only say that it was through cyberspace and mobile phones and such. I doubt that anyone could have talked to her in person and deceived her, because she was not going anywhere and was always busy with her mobile phone. Regarding the reasons for her daughter’s membership in Pak, Ms. Soheili zad said. The interesting point for me was the threat to families in Erbil. They not only got forced confession from our children; but actually threatened us during our trip to the Kurdistan region and the gathering in front of the UN office. Their goal was to intimidate us stop following up and abandoning our children. They even came near us and started filming! Their intention was to disrupt the gathering and threaten us, but of course they did not succeed. In any case, we hope that the authorities of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq will take measures to protect us and our children. It’s not just a matter of filling out a few forms and answering a few questions. The Kurdistan Region must follow up seriously.

To Masoumeh

If you want to talk to your daughter right now and tell her something, what would you say? “I say there is no better place than the family, there is no justice there. Even if you face the biggest difficulties, it is your family that supports you. You are just wasting your youth and time in a group that doesn’t even allow you to meet your family!” Masoumeh’s mother answered this question angrily.

 To PAK leaders

PAK leaders do not have humanity, honor, or zeal! Which zealous Kurd arms an 18-year-old girl? Which proud Kurd forcibly captures girls in his headquarters? Is this humanity to capture girls less than 14 years old? Is it honorable to take a child from his family and imprison them and give them a gun and tell them to fight? Mr. Yazdan Panah, if you had humanity, would you do such a thing with your child, not even one year and one month, just one week?

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