Women and children; main victims of terrorism in the Middle East

The Kurdish regions in the Middle East have been in war and violence for years, while women and children have been and are main victims. Many victims are women and children due to their high vulnerability in war and violent acts. Women and girls are sexually raped and abused, children are recruited as soldiers. All terrorist groups try to choose the weakest class of society, then women and children are the favourite ones for them. All armed and terrorist groups (Marxist, ISIS, etc.) have something in common in committing these crimes, have used and continue to use women and children as tools.

We have wintnessed and witness such poisonous thoughts and elimination of women, while armed organizations and groups have tried to use the dead body of women to show off their power and attract power in the Middle East and Kurdish regions. For example, Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the PKK terrorist group, has repeatedly insulted women in his writings, and numerous reports on the plight of women in PKK headquarters and rape by the group’s leaders have been publlished. All justifications done by the PKK for women are related to criticizing the patriarchal society in Kurdish regions, but they have forgotten that Ocalan and other PKK leaders Duran Kalkan and Cemil Bayik are also men. The slogan for supporting women in the PKK has been raised while marriage and motherhood are prohibited in this group.

Therefore, one must ask why does the PKK force a woman whose emotions, as a mother, are far from violence, to enter in a way in which war and violence and killing play the first and last role? Why does the PKK force women to set fire themselves and imprison them in the mountains? All the PKK and its leaders do as respect for women is appointing them in an apparent position as co-chairs!

If there is revenge, it should be taken by those children and women who were held captive by the PKK in the mountains for many years until their death. Women who were deceived and children who were abducted and stayed in the mountains instead of going school and staying at home.


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