PKK child soldiers suffer psychological damage: Who was “Hussein Chinga”?

In order to better identify the children of soldiers used by Kurdish militant groups, including the PKK / PJAK, which, contrary to their commitment to the Geneva Convention, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch recounted the memories of one of Hossein Chinga’s contemporaries who managed to escape the PKK / PJAK escapes and return to the arms of his family.

First, introduce Chinga to us.

Hossein Chinga was from Sardasht, West Azerbaijan, Iran, with the organizational code of “Agir Gabar”.


Describe the child soldiers in PKK

Unfortunately, the issue of child abuse in the PKK continues while the group has accepted the Geneva rules on the non-use of children in war. Geneva laws on the PKK and PJAK remain only on paper, and the flood of underage children being recruited by this group continues.

The daily abduction of Kurdish children and their deaths in the war has worried many families and caused them to migrate from rural border areas to cities. Many families are on strike to bring their children back, but unfortunately human rights organizations are indifferent to these issues.

For example, a few days ago, the mother of one of the abducted children criticized the PJAK leader in a cyberspace program and asked him why he was not allowed to see his child. But in response, the PJAK leader, in a mocking tone, continued to express the same policy of kidnapping children and cutting off communication between them and their families in another way.

Mother begs PJAK leader to be able to meet her child in Clubhouse meeting


Tell us more about Hussein Chingeh’s situation.

Hussein was in the second grade of middle school and was only 15 years old. He was born in the border villages of Sardasht in Iranian Kurdistan to a family with a moderate financial situation. He was the only son in the family and had a younger sister.

Hussein’s father worked to make a living and provide for his children so that their children could have a bright future.

Every parent has dreams for the future of their children and hopes that this child will be able to compensate the efforts of the parents in the future. Parents have even agreed to move to cities to prevent their children from being attracted to these Kurdish groups and parties.

Hussein was a smart student at school, but he did not know the PKK or PJAK. He was an emotional child and the reason for his deception was this personality trait.

Hussein, who gets the code “Agir”meaning fire at first because he was still very young and did not know PJAK and PKK, and of course his restlessness, after a training course in Qandil in 2007 “. Commander Amad Malazgirt, who was one of the military commanders of PJAK in those years, took an interest to the young boy.

Malazgirt was one of those commanders that thought the best thing for these children was giving him a backpack and a gun. The commander took him with him, and treated Hussein like his slave.

The commander came and played with the child’s feelings and told him about his previous years in “Gabar” and “Botan”, trying to impress him thoroughly so the kid would stay loyal to him and him only.

This child had been so deceived by the words and appearances of the commander that no one dared to criticize him in his presence. In other words, he acted like a spy for Malazgirt. He went among the other members to inform on the members of what they thought, as they spoke easily and relaxed to him, because he was a child and emotional.

The commander came agains, but this time he was sent to training after his bad performance in PJAK and especially in Ravansar conflict.

After the commander left, Hussein or Agir remained helpless and was alone and isolated.

He did not know before that the commander would not stay with him until the end, so that he could be proud of him like a father and a child…

Did you see the Agir again after that happened?

Yes, I sat down with Agir or Hussein in Zap and talked. Although I had seen him before, but he did not remember me. He was upset as if his son had lost his father.

The teenager did not speak and was so dependent on Malazgirt, his former commander, that he was in a difficult situation.

Other members who knew Hussein because of his behavior during Amed Malazgirt’s reign of PJAK, did not give him a place because he spied on almost all of the members at the commander’s behest. In other words, he worked But this was not his fault, he was young and inexperienced, and Commander Amad used these privileges for himself.

I joked with him and said “how many times has your ship sank? Why are you alone? It’s not good to be like that.”

At first he did not say anything, then he started saying that he was tired of Iraqi Kurdistan and everything was repeatful over there, I told him what do you want to do, he said “I want to go to Turkey and Gabar”.

He was exactly influenced by the words of the commander.

His age and physical strength were not enough for those areas, and he wasn’t even 18 yet.

I told him to be careful wherever you go, commander or normal, it does not matter, do not differentiate between them.

I told him that you know that what you say is again comes from your personality and nature.


What happened to Agar in the end?

He went to Turkey, following his commander’s footsteps, and he stayed in the region of Botan for a few years.

I saw the photo and the news of his death on TV, I suddenly remembered the same memories of those days, how these children are kidnapped and fall victim to the dirty policies of this group. It happened in 2019.

If he was from Sardasht, why should he be sent to Turkey.

Like him, PJAK has attracted hundreds of other children to PJAK and sent them to Turkey and Syria to die, and their families still do not know about their children, they do not know if they were killed or alive.


What is the attitude of PKK commanders towards abducted children?

In the PKK,commanders always try to keep young children near themselves and claim to be educating them, but on the contrary. 

Their favoritism of these youngster has destructive effects on the brains, feelings, souls and bodies of these children. This to the extent that some due to their dependence on commanders, and then separation from them, they suffer psychological trauma. They lose the will to live.

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