Mother begs PJAK leader to be able to meet her child in Clubhouse meeting

On January, 17, 2022, PJAK Press – PJAK’s official media outlet – held a virtual meeting with its leader Siamend Moeini on the social media platfrom Clubhouse. Although the stage was heavily monitored by PJAK admins, the meeting was easily accessed from the outside. Our reporter has analyzed the 3:30 hour lasting recording of the meeting, to provide you with the most remarkable events.

Multiple guests in the meeting have uttered the presence of child soldiers, which was denied by mr. Siamend Moeini, and shoved away as Iranian propaganda, Barzani propaganda and Turkish propaganda. That is, until the mother of one of PJAK’s own forces appeared online.

The woman introduced herself as mrs. Shapool, and originates presumably from the Meriwan area. The message mrs. Shapool conveyed, fits exactly in the line of work the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has been occupied with since its foundation in 2019: the presence of child soldiers, and of course the hardship of the families that are left behind.

Link to soundfile.



Mrs. Shapool’s question

“I am calling from inside Iranian Kurdistan. I am the mother of one of your recruits.”

“My son has been there for three years now, and we requested a meeting with him several times, and PJAK forces do not assist. What is the reason for this?”

“Why doesn’t PJAK try to make the families happy? Is it really so hard for you?”

“I am {so desperate} that I am ready to train with you, and do everything to gain your trust just to be able to see my child.”

“And now a number of your recruits have run away and returned, and they have only said that they missed their families!”

“Why does PJAK not think about this? Do I have to wait on the Day of Resurrection to see my child? How can I see my child and talk to him? A woman’s right to her child should never be denied.”


Moeini’s answer

“So Shapool’s child has been with us for three years. Her shoes are on my head (meaning: I respect that).”

“We also wanted all the families of our members to be able to come and see their children, but unfortunately there are serious security problems for our families and comrades. We are and we need to be careful and not be simple.”

“Please contact our comrades and give them your personal information.”


UNICEF: will you help us return PJAK’s child soldiers home?



Moeini’s answer regarding the pain of the families that cannot see their child is insufficient. Other Kurdish militant groups do allow their recruits to communicate with their families from time to time, as should be.

Though, in the ideal situation, a child such as mrs. Shapool’s should not be recruited by PJAK. How better to serve the Kurdish people, than for Kurdish children to grow up and become educated, respectable citizens? The Kurdish people need doctors, engineers and teachers, not child soldiers.

PJAK continues to violate the Geneva Convention concerning the non-recruitment of minors by states, armies, and armed groups. It also continues to violate the convention concerning the non-recruitment of minors it has signed with Geneva Call in 2015.


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