Using children as armed guards in the Kurdistan Freedom Party group (PAK)

The interesting thing about Kurdistan Freedom Group is the very small number of its members.

Teenage girls were lured and probably joined with promises of work, money and even immigration and education in Europe and finally they were in these armed groups.

While use of children as armed members in governmental and non-governmental military groups is legally and internationally prohibited and according to international laws and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, people under the age of 18 should not be in armed groups; but this important issue is not observed in the armed and paramilitary group “Freedom of Kurdistan-Pak” (like other Kurdish groups such as PJAK, P.K.K., Kurdistan Democrats, etc.) and a significant part of the members of these armed groups are children and people under the age of 18. This is while these groups claim armed war to assert the rights of the Kurdish people of Iran, but at the same time, Kurdish children are employed as soldiers.

In this context, the latest published pictures of Hamino Naqshbandi, Hossein Yazdan Panah’s wife, the head of the Kurdistan Liberation Armed Group, who is accused of armed actions against innocent Kurdish citizens of Iran, shows that at least two of the people behind her – probably as bodyguards – are girls under legal age, and it is not clear at what age and in what way they became members of an armed group.

According to previous interviews of members of Kurdish armed groups and their families, Kurdish armed groups deceive their members and sometimes even kidnap them in border villages.  Thus, it can be said that at the best, these teenage girls were deceived by this group and probably joined this group with the promise of work, money, and even immigration and education in Europe. While this armed group does not accept any responsibility for its members and their housing, health and education; He uses them as an armed force in his mafia structure.

The interesting thing about Kurdistan Freedom Group is the very small number of its members. In other words, this group has to use young members to solve the problem of its small number and to make its actions appear big and important both to hide the number of supporters and to abuse them by using the little knowledge and information of teenagers about the nature of this group. It should be noted that the published image of Hamino Naqshbandi’s bodyguards was published on the official page of this group.

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