Ramzi Kartal: “Barzani is the executor of the Turkey-US projects”

Ramzi Kartal, co-chair of the PKK-affiliated People’s Congress (Kongra-Gel), told Hawar that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), led by Massoud Barzani, is the host of Turkish and US programs in the region. This PKK official said “The United States, especially through NATO, is leading Turkey against the PKK”. In this regard, the role of the KDP is to implement the program in the Kurdistan Region. The KDP’s intelligence relationship with Turkey is not new and dates back to before 1960. “Both the United States, Israel and Britain see the KDP as protecting their interests because the PDK is dependent on foreign support in foreign policy.”

This PKK official, without mentioning the presence of the PKK in the Kurdistan Region and the occupation of more than a thousand villages and the displacement of thousands of civilians, announced the following:

“There is political conflict in the Kurdistan Region and there is no democracy, the KDP is putting pressure on the people and the media. The courts are not independent and democratic. Representatives do not yet operate in the democratic sphere. “Its behavior against the people is fascist.”

He did not mention the presence of the PKK / PJAK and the creation of insecurity and instability on the Iranian-Iraqi border, but added that “Turkey is also Barzani’s enemy and showed this in the 2017 referendum. “Even on the issue of the National Congress, Barzani withdrew under pressure from the United States and Turkey because the United States does not want Kurdish independence.”

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