Turkish group not only threatens Kurds, it also threatens Persians

Racists calling themselves “Ataman Brotherhood” attacked and recorded themselves beating an Afghan youth!

A vandal group calling themselves “Ataman Brotherhood” attacked an Afghan who was walking by himself in Istanbul with racist motives.

In addition, the group that published the moments of the attack stated that it will continue its attacks.

In Turkey, where the judiciary and the Parliament still do not regulate racism, and encouraged by the atmosphere of no legal sanctions, racists began to beat people on the streets.

Turkey has been for years turning into a migrant hell, where Syrians, Afghans and Kurds have become victim of hate crimes, some of them deadly.

Increasing hate speech against Afghans and Syrians started to give rise to acts of violence.

The last incident, which was learned after the group published the footage of the attack on the Afghan, drew a reaction. The racist group also announced that they would carry out new attacks against refugees.

It was understood that the organization, which used a logo similar to the Nazi emblem, had taken similar actions before and deleted the related video content on its social media accounts, but for an unknown reason.

The silence of the government and opposition politicians against the deputies and politicians who use racist rhetoric and rhetoric and actions to incite the society draws criticism.

The organization called “Ataman Brotherhood”announced its “priority targets” in the videos it published.

It shows Kurds and Persians among the targets, practically proclaiming every Iranian in the country a walking target.

In addition, do you remember the terrorist organization DEASH’s “how to use a knife?, how to organize an attack?” videos? This group also posts “how to attack” videos very similar to Daesh videos.

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