KDP statement against PKK: You are weak, so you defeated

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani, whose history of dissent with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) led by Abdullah Ocalan dates back to the mid-1980s and both have killed several thousand members of each other in the 1990s, issued a statement against the PKK saying as, recent K.C.K. (PKK Executive Council)’s accusing the KDP of collaborating with Turkey to inflict heavy defeats on the PKK is ‘’baseless’’. Issuing the statement shows the depth of their differences.

‘’The PKK has established a force in Sinjar and brainwashed even the children under the age of 13, armed them, and is doing so under the name of “Brotherhood of Peoples.” It has always been in the service of the intelligence purposes of other countries and during the last ten years it has caused the Turkish army to enter the Kurdistan Region deep from Zakho and Amadiyeh to Haji Omran and Qandil and the border of Halabja. “The PKK, however, has turned the Makhmur camp into a tool for its programs and has troubled various cities in the Kurdistan Region. The PKK is cooperating with Iraqi central government forces in Sinjar against the Kurdistan Region.”

This statement of the KDP describes the demands of the PKK as political fantasy and writes: “The PKK is also intellectually dismissed internationally, and at the same time seeks political fantasy and imaginary regions such as the Haftanin, Khenereh, Avashin and Qandil Regions and Medya Protected Areas. Instead of fighting in Turkish Kurdistan, it fled and hid in the mountains of the Kurdistan Region, where the PKK, in addition to extorting money and destroying people, turned peaceful demonstrations into “Chaos and even shooting at people and disrespecting the KRG flag.”

The KDP continued and described the PKK as an “illegitimate group” that causes misery in the border areas. It buried the peace process in Turkey and put the Turkish Kurds in a worse position. We know that it does not have good intentions for the Kurds. Its reaction to the peace process proved to be the enemy of the Kurds. Turkish Kurds do not accept the PKK. People know the PKK is a tool in the hands of other countries and it wants to destabilize the Kurdistan Region.”

“The PKK has evacuated hundreds of villages. While the Kurdish region is official in the Iraqi constitution, the PKK claims that it does not recognize the KRG. It claims to be at war with Turkey but if you really have power, why don’t you go to the mountains of Turkish Kurdistan? You did the same in Sinjar and prevented our operation against ISIS. You deliberately raised your flag in Sinjar and paved the way for Turkey to bomb the people, you still do not let the people return to Sinjar. the PKK is talking about national unity, this is really funny, it was the PKK that destroyed the National Congress. Really be ashamed and do not call yourself a Kurd. It is not our fault that all Kurds stay away from you. People have realized your true nature.

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