Contradictions and Controversies in Abdullah Ocalan’s Views on “Women, Gender and Freedom” (1)

By Aso Kamal

Ocalan’s book “The Women” was published in 2012 by PKK propaganda machine. In this book, Abdullah Ocalan expressed his views on women’s knowledge, model, tall women, sexual issues, love and women’s characteristics, and the problems of PKK women. In this book, Ocalan pretends to make the issue of women scientific and says: “The patriarchal nature of society has not yet made it possible to conduct scientific studies on the phenomenon of women.”

Before we find out what mistakes and scientific catastrophes have been made in this book by Abdullah, who claims to be an apocalyptic philosopher, we will ask a few questions to know what Ocalan wrote about science or literary and scientific catastrophe.

Ocalan talks about “female phenomenon”, what is meant by “female phenomenon”? Do they talk about the oppression of women and how they came into being? Or discusses the role of women in economic society? In the two hundred pages written by Ocalan, he did not use any scientific method to let  the reader know what new science Ocalan has “discovered” for which his followers call him a thinker! The main issue at the outset is that we do not know what scientific methods Ocalan used for the “phenomenon of women”.

Has Ocalan, like an archaeologist, revived the method of reading old Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian writings in the laboratory, and even went so far as to impose his new theses on the separation of woman from man and the prohibition of sexual intercourse? Or has he researched among the people and nomads based on field science to know where the growth and development of women and the formation of women began?

According to our research and pursuits on the subject, in this book there is no scientific method nor assessment around the history of man, woman and property, one of the common scientific methods in the twentieth century by thinkers and philosophers such as Morgan, Bachofen, Kowalowski, Marx or Engels. Even the scientific methods used by universities are not found in Ocalan’s writings.

But what is more catastrophic is that Ocalan pretends to be the first person to write a book about women! “I do not think anyone else has interpreted the military, political and social relationship of a woman like me,” he says!

If we assume that this claim is true, but it is necessary for Ocalan to determine for the audience according to which scientific method he wrote. He even denies the results of the scientists’ research, which is the result of decades of field research. I do not know how he can call his personal views as science when these views have not been confirmed in any laboratory or field research. But when this investigation is only for the headquarters of the PKK, certainly, the validity of this science is definitely limited to PKK circles.

Here are some of Ocalan’s scientific statements about women to find out if these statements have scientific value or not. Or they are nothing more than superstitions.

“There are more female chromosomes than male,” says Ocalan. But science says that “male and female chromosomes are the same and each has 46 chromosomes, male and female have 23 pairs of chromosomes that are similar and they are called autosomes and twenty-three of them are different and it is called sex chromosome.

Confusion and contradiction in this first view is that, in one part he forbids sexual relation and the formation of a woman, and in another part he says that the female chromosome is more than the male! Why does Ocalan make contradictory statements?

“Women are the pionneers of economics and social activity. In capitalist modernity, women are marginalized in economics,” Ocalan said. What does economics mean for women?

The fact is that economists believe that economics is a human activity, whether it is a woman or a man, and that the system of production, supply, and distribution determines the place of man in the economy, not whether a woman or a man. According to Ocalan, “looking at women as a pivotal role in the economy is because they have given birth to and raised children.”

We ask: Is the focus of the economy related to being a child and caring with children? Are these two laws of production, distribution and distribution?

Where are Adam Smith, Rickard and Marx in this new science of Ocalan? These economists have never linked this science to being a child and caring for children. Contrary to Ocalan’s claims, women need to move away from their natural role in order to play a role in society, the economy and politics. Ocalan’s book “The Women” also discusses “the modernity of capitalism, that is, capitalism, and says that the role of women in the economy has been marginalized.” This is also wrong.

The fact is that the early communist society marginalized and eventually excluded women in the production of society, and capitalism did the exact opposite. For example, Christina Lagarde says that “in addition to the participation of thousands of women in workshops and production and services and business, women are active in economic policy planning and management.”

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