Salih Muslim’s nephew and extensive cooperation with Turkey

Anadolu News Agency reported that Dalia Muslim, nephew of Salih Muslim, former leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its current head of diplomacy in Europe, has been cooperating extensively with Turkey since surrendering to Turkish security forces. According to the mentioned news agency, Dalia Muslim has named 127 members of the YPG through an archive and has revealed the names of sensitive places of the YPG to the Turkish intelligence and the country’s security officials. According to this report, Dalia Muslim named 26 sensitive places of Y.P.G where it keeps ammunition and weapons in depots.

Dalia Muslim has been a member of Y.P.J. since she was 14 years old. – the women’s branch of the PKK in Syria – and is now 21 years old. PKK-affiliated media reported that Dalia had been abducted in collaboration with the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT), but she said that she and her fiancé fled to the Kurdistan Region from northeastern Syria seven months ago because the marriage is forbidden in the PKK. Dalia has joined her uncle, Mustafa Muslim, in Mersin, Turkey, and has surrendered to Turkish authorities.

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