PKK’s Tevgera Azadi becomes biggest loser in Iraqi Elections

It has been learned that none of the 4 independent candidates nominated by the PKK-affiliated organization Tevgera Azadi for the Iraqi parliamentary elections won the election.

Tevgera Azadi has only received a single 1300 votes, in Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk. In other parts of the Kurdistan Region, it received no votes at all.

The first results of the early general elections held yesterday in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region were announced by the Independent High Election Commission.

Tevgera Azadi of the PKK also participated in the elections with 3 independent candidates from Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk.

Muhammed Hasan from the 4th district of Sulaymaniyah, Ronak Majid from the 2nd district, Yusra Receb from the 5th district and Şirin Abdullah from the 1st district of Kirkuk did not receive enough votes to get elected.

However, KCK Executive Council Co-chair Cemil Bayık called for support for the PUK previous the elections, knowing Tevgera Azadi lacked in popular support.

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