“Brotherhood of Peoples” the achievement of four decades of PKK violence

By Jamal Hameh / Translated by: IKHRW After Abdullah Ocalan promised to serve the Turkish government, he promoted the “Brotherhood of Peoples” project among Turkish Kurds. Ocalan was still on a plane when he surrendered to Turkish forces in Kenya, announcing “I am ready to serve.” In fact, Ocalan promised to prepare the Kurds for […]

Bube Eser: The PKK is a Turkish project

I wonder. The PKK claims to have been active to unite the Kurds for the last 40 years and says that the Kurds will not succeed until they unite, and the organization itself unites with different groups and organizations under different titles. This is normal for the PKK, but I am surprised that some Kurdish […]

Kurdish politician tells the IKHRW: PJAK supports Pan-Turkists

“Turkey’s attacks on various parts of the Kurdistan Region are a continuation of the joint Turkish-PKK project because the organization, in the name of the Kurds, has paved the way for Turkey’s expansionist policies,” Kurdish politician Ibrahim Goochloo told the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW).” “Turkey is pursuing its policies through the PKK in […]