Bube Eser: The PKK is a Turkish project

I wonder. The PKK claims to have been active to unite the Kurds for the last 40 years and says that the Kurds will not succeed until they unite, and the organization itself unites with different groups and organizations under different titles. This is normal for the PKK, but I am surprised that some Kurdish leaders and groups believe and sometimes confirm these claims of the PKK. These people still do not want to believe that over the past few decades, the same game, the same scenario, the same deception by the PKK continues. They still do not understand the purpose of the PKK. It is not the unity of the Kurds, but, on the contrary, the division and intensification of the differences between them and the destruction of the Kurdish towns and villages. The PKK does everything to succeed in this path.

That the PKK takes such actions, this is its mission, but the Kurds should not be deceived and they should know that this game is to destroy the Kurds more than before. These Kurds must come to their senses to know that the PKK game is an anti-Kurdish one.

The problem is that we Kurds are in a situation where we cannot understand the reality. This also stems from personal interests. Personal interests have brought a cover to the eyes of many Kurds, and they do not see the reality of the PKK. Unfortunately, they also refuse to hear and tell the truth. The PKK has been around moving towards the goals of Turkey and, unfortunately, it is not limited to the Kurds of Turkey, but it also targets the rest of the Kurds. The group has paving the way for Turkish programs. For four decades, it has done no good to the Kurds, and on the contrary, it has taken the language from the Kurds, destroyed cities and villages and disappointed them. This is a mission given to the PKK. It is in line with Turkey’s goals, it continues its path. But it is important that at least Kurdish politicians not to be deceived by the PKK’s claims and so, not legitimize it.

The PKK has money and buys many people to move towards its goals. This situation exists, but what should the Kurds do? The point is, we know what to do. We all know what we have to do but we do not. The reason for this is that some of the parties claim that they are Kurds and defend the Kurdish rights but in principle they have no benefit for the Kurds. Another reason is the weak activity. When people are inactive, immobile, they remain weak, and in this case they are very easily used as tools, and the PKK exploits this weakness of the Kurds.

What should we do?

I have said it many times and I repeat it. I must admit that all Kurds know better than me what to do. Some do not do what they know because of their weakness, some for their financial inability, and some because of their personal interests.

These individuals and groups cannot understand the only way to deal with the PKK and its anti-Kurdish actions is a real alliance. In this way, the continuation of the enmity of this anti-Kurdish sect must be stopped. Imagine that there are parties like HAK-PAR, the Kurdistan Socialist Party. Their goals are the same, but based on personal and party interests, the essence of the issue is to confront the PKK. If we read the plans of these parties, we will see that they have all announced a common goal but are not united. In the current situation, these parties need to unite, otherwise they will not be able to fight against the PKK nor to succeed. They know this, but they do not do it.

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