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Contradictions and Controversies in Abdullah Ocalan’s Views on “Women, Gender and Freedom” (1)

By Aso Kamal Ocalan’s book “The Women” was published in 2012 by PKK propaganda machine. In this book, Abdullah Ocalan expressed his views on women’s knowledge, model, tall women, sexual issues, love and women’s characteristics, and the problems of PKK women. In this book, Ocalan pretends to make the issue of women scientific and says: […]

Shirnak / For the first time, Kurdish women against the PKK

Shirnak, located on the Turkish-Iraqi border, has been one of the PKK’s most important bases for the past four decades. And the government did not succeed in controlling it, including in getting popular votes for Turkish parties. This city has always been for the PKK-made political parties in the Turkish Parliament, including the HDP. What […]

Adnan Oktar: Ocalan insults Kurdish women in his books

Adnan Oktar, a well-known Turkish writer, in a speech about the situation of women and Abdullah Ocalan’s views, described Ocalan’s thoughts on women, especially Kurdish women, as “shameful”, citing O‌calan’s writings and citing the anti-woman comments and the number of the subject in his books. “The PKK changed its strategy after the 1990s, declaring that […]

Violence against women in North-East Syria

The PKK’s leading ideology, that is followed by the self-proclaimed Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria and its militia SDF, holds a great amount of radical feminism. The militias have been able to recruit a great amount of women, have started women’s foundations and have given women in the region greater freedom than they have seen […]

Kidnappings of women in Afrin and why the Turks don’t stop it

The Afrin region is famous throughout Syria for its beautiful green and hilly landscape, filled with olive trees. Kurds refer to it as the ‘garden of Eden’ and Kurds and Arabs have lived together in peace under the rulings of both Hafez and Bashar al-Assad. The multi-ethnic city of Afrin has been gripped by violence […]

Arrests and kidnappings of children and women by Turkish-backed factions

Arrests and kidnappings of children and women by Turkish-backed factions take place in most areas occupied by Turkey in north Syria. These kidnappings are a way these factions obtain intelligence and money. Here are some names of women and children who were kidnapped lately: ۱- Fatima Muhammad Hassan (22-year-old), from Aleppo. She was living in […]

Abdullah Ocalan’s view on the women

One only has to watch a video to understand Ocalan’s view of women. In the video, he literally tells the women in the room, including Sakine Cansiz, that they can grow in the organization if they’ll be with him. One should also notice the way the women behave, as if they’re under threat. Most of […]

Rudaw belittles women on live TV: the result of tribalism

Translated from German Last night, Rudaw had a special program and the headline was ”Romi Harki: Women must fear their men.” In the 30 minute lasting program, the Iraqi Kurdish singer Romi Harki was interviewed about his views on women and their place in society. Harki has made very disturbing statements throughout the show, that […]

Women in the PKK: ideology or strategy?

PKK pretends to have freed the Kurdish women and tries to portray them as an example so as to export its ideaolgy to the Western countries. The following analysis is on the real situation on the women in the PKK and its branches: The PKK/KCK, seeing the benefits of involving women in its terror campaign, […]
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