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Mesut Hakki Chashin: PKK send mercenaries to Karabagh

It has become known that seven sniper shooters, who were neutralzied during the anti-terror operations carried out in the south-east of Turkey against the PKK terrorist organization, were the special forces of the Armenian army, Turkey`s “Vatan” newspaper reported. Expert on terrorism, retired military, professor of Maltapa University, Mesut Hakki Chashin said that there is […]

“When strategy collapses; the PKK’s urban terrorist campaign”

This is the title of a book by Murad Yeshiltash and Najdat Ozchelik at the Seta Foundation. This book has 5 chapters. In the foreward of this book, the authors name the PKK alongside terrorist groups such as ISIS and as a group identified as a serious threat to regional stability and security. The authors […]

EC report: Turkey suppresses Kurds / PKK is terrorist

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch(IKHRW), the European Commission in its latest report (2020) on Turkey has reviewed the latest developments in Turkey, both internally and externally, including human rights issues. The European Commission stressed in the report that EU-Turkey relations have been strained since Turkey’s military intervention in Syria and Libya. The […]

Rowan Dean: Antifa itself promotes fascism

Due to the cooperation and support of the PKK and its affiliates for the Antifa Movement through publishing their violent actions and supporting this American movement, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch presents to the readers the translation of the following interview on the nature of Antifa. “The group’s title is originally made up of […]

YPG /PKK spokesman calls all people in Idlib terrorists

Translated from German by IKHRW Some 2 million people in the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib are “terrorists” and should be killed, according to a so-called press officer of the YPG/PKK terrorist group, named Ibrahim Ibrahim, a kurd originally from Afrin. . The World Health Organization providing the people of Idlib with medical aid to […]

German government officially recognizes PYD as PKK in refusal letter to Syrian refugee

A Syrian man of Kurdish origin, called Fawaz Ayo, fled to Germany last year. In the district Verden, he applied for a residency permit for refugees. During his application time, Ayo has visited multiple PYD meetings. This week, Ayo has received a refusal letter concerning his application. The letter states the following: “Dear Mr. AYO, […]
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