German government officially recognizes PYD as PKK in refusal letter to Syrian refugee

A Syrian man of Kurdish origin, called Fawaz Ayo, fled to Germany last year. In the district Verden, he applied for a residency permit for refugees. During his application time, Ayo has visited multiple PYD meetings.
This week, Ayo has received a refusal letter concerning his application. The letter states the following:
“Dear Mr. AYO,
I understand that you have participated in several events of the “Party of the Democratic Union” – PYD. The PYD is considered to be the Syrian branch organisation of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The PKK was included on the list of terrorist organisations (EU terror list) according to a decision of the Council of the European Union on May 2nd of 2002, and has been regarded as such since then. Your participation in several events in the PKK environment may indicate an inner closeness and connection to this organisation, which is prohibited by association law and included in the EU terror list. According to 5 54 paragraph 1 no 2 of the Residence act, the interest of expulsion within the meaning of 53 paragraph 1 of the Residence act is particularly heavy, among other things, if a foreigner jeopardizes the free Democratic basic order or the security of the Federal Republic Germany. When facts justify the conclusion that one has belonged to or belongs to an association that supports terrorism, a residence permit can not be issued as there is interest in expulsion.”

Recognizing the PYD as the Syrian branch of the PKK is a good first step in taking measures against terrorist organisations organizing themselves inside Germany, the European Union, and in Syria itself.
Many reports by human rights organisations describe warcrimes and crimes against human rights that have been committed by PYD and its military wing YPG. These crimes include ethnic cleansing, the recruitment of minors for military functions, forced recruitment and the expulsion of other political parties.
Time has come for the European Union to officially acknowledge the PYD and YPG as a terrorist organisation and submit it on the EU terror list. Germany should also stop permitting PYD and PKK supporters to hold public meetings and protest marches, as they continuously campaign terrorism and are used as recruiting and fund-collecting grounds.

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