People of Deir ez-Zor transferred their complaints to SDF official

A meeting took place on Sunday 12-4-2020, in the municipality building in the town of Al-Sousa in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, which included an official from the self-administration (a senior PKK member called Zinar, a man from Qamishlo that has been in the mountains for years) and the heads of the councils of the towns of Sousse, Al-Baghouz, Al-Sha`fah and Al-Murshidah, according to our reporter on the ground.
Our correspondent added that Zinnar – who is responsible for the local councils – listened with the accompanying delegation to the requirements of the people of the region, which were conveyed through the councilors.

At the top of the complaints submitted by the families came the harassment of civilians from some of the SDF barriers repeatedly, and the meeting demanded increasing the quantities of food rations and organizing their distribution, and the council heads stressed the need to exclude pharmacies and food stores from the curfew, And demanding intensified efforts and drawing up plans to get rid of the remaining mines and battle remnants.
At the end of the meeting, the local councils official promised to address all issues raised during the meeting as soon as possible.
The SDF is reportedly losing control over the Deir ez-Zor region, as their popularity quickly decreases with the people and serious security problems increase. Human rights organisations report attacks on civilians on a daily basis. These meetings are held in an attempt to regain the trust of the people, so they will not stand up to SDF-occupation.
The Deir ez-Zor region is of great importance to SDF, as it contains a large part of Syria’s oil fields and thus the US’s main interest in keeping the SDF in place.

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