Barzani-Turkish ties reconfirmed: Peshmerga Roj fighting in Libya

Peshmerga Roj is a KDP-backed militia that is formed and trained in KDP areas of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq. At its formation, it was meant to be a force that could counter the YPG in North-Syria. It was made up from Syrian Kurdish refugees and PKK defects that had surrendered themselves to KDP in the Duhok and Erbil regions.
Members of the Peshmerge Roj militia have been seen fighting in Libya along other Turkish-backed militias. At least one of the fighters was arrested in Libya, as can be seen in a video.
Syrian Kurdish Roj Peshmarga – which is based in Iraqi Kurdistan – denies, in a statement, the arrested fighter to have ever been within their ranks, calls it ‘PKK propaganda’; this is despite the fact that Haftar’s forces say he‘s a Roj Peshmarga fighter.

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