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High prison sentences demanded in PKK trial in Stuttgart

The public prosecutor’s office has demanded long prison sentences for the five Kurdish defendants in the PKK trial in Stuttgart-Stammheim. Veysel S. is to remain in prison for five years and four months as an alleged leading member of the terrorist organization PKK. Almost two years after the start of the trial at the Stuttgart-Stammheim […]

Another Kurd killed in Germany

It was Friday night in Dortmund as the small, physically impaired 41-year old Kurdish man from Mardin, Turkey – named Ibrahim Demir – was brutally murdered on his way home. Ibrahim Demir lived in Dortmund for years. He was only 1.42 tall and had visited his mother that night. The last person to have seen […]

German government officially recognizes PYD as PKK in refusal letter to Syrian refugee

A Syrian man of Kurdish origin, called Fawaz Ayo, fled to Germany last year. In the district Verden, he applied for a residency permit for refugees. During his application time, Ayo has visited multiple PYD meetings. This week, Ayo has received a refusal letter concerning his application. The letter states the following: “Dear Mr. AYO, […]

۱۵-year old Yazidi refugee stabbed to death in Germany

The 15-year old Yazidi refugee Arkan Hussein Kyo from Sinjar had survived the genocide committed by Sunni extremists and fled to Germany with his family, but unfortunately hasn’t survived the neo-Nazi extremists that walk freely in the German society. Arkan is not the first kurdish victim of extremism in Germany, as over the last few […]

A Belgian doctor warns; Germany an immigrant hell

A Belgian physician named H. works at a health center. He has traveled to Iran twice and is a human rights activist while working in the health sector. Speaking to Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch and considering the spread of Coronavirus in Iran and the efforts of Iranian doctors and nurses to contain the virus […]