۱۵-year old Yazidi refugee stabbed to death in Germany

The 15-year old Yazidi refugee Arkan Hussein Kyo from Sinjar had survived the genocide committed by Sunni extremists and fled to Germany with his family, but unfortunately hasn’t survived the neo-Nazi extremists that walk freely in the German society.
Arkan is not the first kurdish victim of extremism in Germany, as over the last few years attacks against refugees have multiplied at concerning speed. Neither will he be the last, as German politics react too slow by the changing social climate of racism in the country.
Last night, Arkan rode his bicycle through one of the main streets of a small town called Celle, in the province Niedersachsen. He was pulled off his bicycle on open street and stabbed by his attacker. He died right after being brought to the hospital.
Local police have stated that the killer was a 29-year old German man and has been arrested right after witnesses did not let him escape from the crime scene.

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