Another Iranian became a victim of the PKK-Türkiye war

Why should an Iranian youth be killed in the PKK war with the Turkish army?

The Firat news agency affiliated with the Turkish PKK armed group has announced in its latest announcement that “three forces of this group, including an Iranian and a member of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) on June 15, 2023 were killed in a clash with the Turkish army in the heights of Khakurek.” The name of this Iranian person, whose exact cause and manner of death is unknown, has been announced as Diako Saeedi.

Of course, like other Iranian members of the PKK/PJAK, it is still not clear in what year and how this young man became a member of the PKK. Also, it is not clear where his burial place is and basically why should this young man be killed in the PKK war with the Turkish army!

Diako Saidi’s information is as follows:

Organization code: Kocher Media

Place of birth: Sanandaj

Name of mother and father: Tehmina-Sediq

Date and place of death: June 15, 2023/ Khakurek

A large number of Iranian citizens have been killed in the war between the PKK and the Turkish army. The exact number, the real cause of death and the place of burial of these people are still unknown, and in this regard PKK/PJAK are not responder to any international or government institutions.

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