Mesut Hakki Chashin: PKK send mercenaries to Karabagh

It has become known that seven sniper shooters, who were neutralzied during the anti-terror operations carried out in the south-east of Turkey against the PKK terrorist organization, were the special forces of the Armenian army, Turkey`s “Vatan” newspaper reported. Expert on terrorism, retired military, professor of Maltapa University, Mesut Hakki Chashin said that there is a deep connection between the Armenian ASALA terrorist organization and PKK terrorist organization. According to him, some units of PKK consist of ASALA members. “According to the information I have received, it has become known that 7 of the PKK snipers shooters killed during the fighting in the last 3 months were the special forces of the Armenian army. Passing the corpses of the neutralized Armenian soldiers to Armenia has even caused a problem between Armenia and PKK,” said Mesut Hakki Chashin.

It is noteworthy that recently, Turkey`s “Yeni Safak” newspaper has reported that during the military confrontations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, PKK supported Armenia. In the article published under the title of “PKK`s support to Yerevan”, it is noted that since the first day of the confrontations, PKK has sent 400 terrorists to Armenia for help. The groups from Kandil and Kamishli passed to Armenia from Agri. Later, a group consisting of 400 people passed to Vardenis camp near the Goycha lake and then was sent to Karabakh. It is also mentioned that among the group, which has passed to Armenia in order to fight against Azerbaijan, there are 150 Armenians who have fought in the Syrian branch of PKK.

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