In a conversation with the IKHRW, Kurdish political expert: The rulers of the Kurdistan Region are clowns

Criticizing the current situation in the Kurdistan Region, Nawzad Amadi, an expert on political issues in the Kurdistan Region, described the current situation in the Kurdistan Region as “very unfortunate” and wrote in a post: “Coronavirus is spreading everywhere in the world, but clown politicians are ruling the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). They must at least believe in certain principles.”

Given the deepening crises in the KRG and the deteriorating living conditions of the people, especially economically, Coronavirus is also used by the government as an excuse to prevent popular protests. The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) asked Mr. Amadi on the reason he criticized Kurdish officials and describing them as “clown”. The Kurdish expert said:

“One can’t choose a title other than a clown. Because the KRG officials use political parties for personal gain, they use the opposition as a tool against other parties. It has reached a point where people’s reaction to the government’s decisions is to call it a lie, because they see them as clowns, not officials. “

Instead of running the people’s affairs, the clown politicians have made it difficult for people to have even the simplest needs, such as electricity and healthy drinking water. We are no longer afraid to tell the truth,” he added.

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