Kurdish Politician: PKK orders my assassination

In a news conference widely welcomed by Kurdish and Turkish media, politicians and political activists, Turkish Kurdish politician Ibrahim Guchlu said that the PKK had issued an order to kill him. Addressing the audience, including members of the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK), the Free Demand Party (HUDA-PAR), the TEVGER and the Kurdistan Socialist Party (KSP), he said: “Since the day the PKK was established by the Turkish government with the aim of enmity with the Kurdish people, this organization became a serious threat to the Kurds. The group first acted under titles such as the Kurdistan Revolutionaries and the Apocilar (fans of Apo), focusing only on killing and destroying Kurdish activists and intellectuals, and continued with targeted killings of Kurdish party leaders and political groups.”

He added, this was not enough, and in cities such as Sivereg, Hilvan, Nusaybin and many other areas, from 1978 to 1980, the PKK systematically assassinated the Kurds. This danger of the PKK is not limited to the Kurds of Turkey, but is a serious threat to all Kurds, even in Europe. This dangerous trend is still going on. As a result of this policy of the PKK “thousands of Kurdish activists, Peshmerga, political leaders of Kurdish parties and organizations have been killed so far.”

Guchlu: “The PKK is terrorist”

Ibrahim Guchlu further added: “As for the activists and officials of Kurdish organizations, the PKK decided to continue the policy of murder, and I am one of the targets of the PKK. The Organization first announced in 1989 that it would assassinate me and Kemal Burkay, the leader of the KSP. It announced the decision at a Kurdish international conference at the Kurdish Institute in Paris and mentioned it in a statement. This decision led to the assassination of the Kurds in Europe. Therefore, the Kurds used weapons to defend themselves against the PKK. We also launched a political campaign, and the PKK was unable to implement this decision due to growing opposition from Kurdish public opinion.”

Ibrahim Guchlu: The PKK was established in Turkey with the aim of eliminating the real Kurdish movements

“The second decision was taken in 2006 when I was the spokesman for the Komala Kurd-Diyarbakir organization,” he said. “At that time, the PKK started a very extensive game. In that game, it decided to kill me, Kemal Burkay, Mehmet Uzun, Umit Firat, Orhan Miroglu and many other Kurdish intellectuals and activists. Many opposition intellectuals and critics stood against that decision of the PKK. The group retreated, but I did not give up criticizing it. In Diyarbakir Square, they said that they would close the natural gas cannons to Ibrahim Guchlu and hang him from the famous Bridge in Diyarbakir. But I still did not back down.”

According to official information, the PKK has decided to kill me for the third time. Official information prove that an operation took place against PKK members in Ankara and a number have been arrested. During the interrogation and inspection of these people, handwritten documents were found and they themselves confessed that they were going to kill me. This decision of the PKK then been taken when I launched a campaign against the presence of the PKK in the Kurdistan Region (KR) and its anti-Kurdish actions in the KR. This issue was also widely welcomed in the media of the KR. A 400-member delegation of Kurdish and non-Kurdish intellectuals, politicians, lawyers, academics, writers and artists commented on the PKK’s actions. They entered into talks with the parliament and the Kurdistan Regional Government. This action trembled and so the PKK decided to kill me.”

“PKK opposes any alliance”

“Government security officials even know the person who is going to commit the murder, but he has not been arrested yet,” Guchlu added. “It calls for murder and violence in order to achieve its inhuman and anti-Kurdish goals. We must cooperate with each other and prevent the PKK from continuing its inhumane acts. The PKK has been committing evil activities for decades. The group has killed thousands of its members and officials within the organization. It is destroying and killing Kurdish youth. This criminal organization must be stopped. I threatens the people in the KR, has assassinated several peshmergas and recently tortured a number of Yazidi Kurds for criticizing the illegal presence of the PKK in Sinjar. It occupies a large number of villages in the KR and prevents the villagers from returning. The Organization kidnaps children and has them killed as child soldiers. If I want to talk about the ugly and inhuman actions of the PKK, I have to write thousands of pages. We need to keep this danger away from the Kurdish people. It is an authoritarian and fascist force that wants to silence the voices of the opposition and critics by creating fear in the hearts of the people, especially the intellectuals, and unfortunately, it has succeeded in this policy as well. Democratic and freedom-loving forces should not allow the PKK to continue this path. Fighting the PKK is the duty of every Kurd.”[۱]


Also, Dr. Kaveh Azizi, a Syrian Kurdish politician and academic, told the KR media that the PKK’s decision to avoid leaving Sinjar proved that the group had become a tool in the hands of other countries to prevent the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution while ensuring their interests in the region. “Despite the fact that a few months have passed since Joe Biden took office, we still see that the situation in Iraq has not calmed down and that even the US-led coalition is not working,” he said. Various groups are even blocking the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) budget by protesting in Baghdad, threatening Prime Minister Mustafa Kazemi, the United States and Saudi Arabia.

He added: “The chain of these anti-KRG measures leads to the PKK. It is completed in Sinjar. PKK Statements proved that it is moving in an anti-Kurdish direction. Thousands of armed PKK members are stationed in Sinjar, preventing from the implementation of the Erbil-Baghdad agreement, and have become a military threat to Iraqi peace and security. This proves that the PKK is nothing more than a tool. We know that this group belongs to Turkish Kurdistan and has left there to pave the way for a war in the KR.” Kaveh Azizi added: “The statements of the PKK openly seek to separate Kurdish areas, and the group intends to prevent Yazidis from returning to Sinjar. It is time for coordination between the United States, Iraq and the KRG to cooperate for getting rid of the group.”

In another development proving the terrorist nature of the PKK, members and supporters of the PKK attacked a mosque and a Turkish cultural center in the German city of Kassel. Supporters of the terrorist group wrote insulting sentences on the wall of the mosque. Kassel police say the attack is under investigation. Various German civic organizations condemned the attack on religious centers, adding that the number of attacks on mosques is increasing day by day and that these attacks are becoming more frequent. The PKK is on the EU terrorist list, and the German government says 14,000 PKK members or sympathizers are active in this country and considers them in various security reports as a threat to their security. [2]

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