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The PKK and the PYD: Comrades in Arms, Rivals in Politics?

Although the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are ideologically affiliated, they remain organizationally distinct. Even though it does not pose a direct security threat to Turkey, the PYD’s increasing consolidation of power in northern Syria arguably poses a challenge not only to Ankara but also to the PKK. BACKGROUND: During […]

Understanding Iran; an Impenetrable Bulwark Strategically Located between West and East

Iran as a Mountain Bulwark To properly understand Iran’s position in the Middle East, one must not only look at its religion, internal affairs or its complex foreign politics, but simply its topography and history. One look at the map shows you several important facts about the country. Iran is a vast country, it measures […]

KRG MP: PKK is the enemy of the Kurds

A member of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Parliament says, “The PKK is executing the plans of the enemies of the Kurdish people, and that is why it does not leave the border areas. From the day the Kurdistan Parliament and the KRG were established, the PKK has been against us and has been opening […]

Abdullah Ocalan’s Intellectual Contradictions on “Women, Gender and Freedom” (3)

Abdullah Ocalan writes, “Woman is an angel and man is a predator.” Undoubtedly, Abdullah Ocalan supports women in this debate and rejects men. According to the PKK leader “Women’s culture is a culture of production from the method of harvesting to the production or planting of wheat, and this activity has been conciliatory. There is […]

The KDP arrested a European member of the YPG

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani continues to cooperate with Turkey to prevent the activities of the PKK which has also become a threat to the Kurdish Region. The KDP is trying to limit the group’s activities in the Kurdish regions of Syria. PKK’s activities are threatening for the Region and Europe […]