Some myths about the PKK

A few things about the PKK and its branches are propagated by its fans, which are nothing more than myths. These are mentioned in the following video file.

– Countries in the region fighting against the PKK and its branches are “at war with the Kurds are”! Meanwhile, the number of PKK members is not even one hundredth of the Kurdish population and many Kurds oppose the PKK and its affiliats. Kurdistan Regional Government is an example.

-“The YPG defeated ISIS.” We know more than a dozen countries and organizations took part in the attack on ISIS, and without airstrikes by the anti-ISIS coalition, the YPG would be destroyed.

-“The YPG is committed to human rights.” We know this group has repeatedly committed ethnic cleansing against the Arabs in different parts of Syria, forcibly recruited women and children, and committed all kinds of war crimes.

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