Ethnic cleansing in Afrin: The case of the city of Rajo

Since its invasion of the Syrian Kurdish canton of Afrin in March 2018, Turkey has carried out ethnic cleansing of this territory north of Aleppo. Before this invasion, the canton had a population of about 300,000 inhabitants, nearly 98% Kurds and it also hosted, according to UN statistics, 125,000 internally displaced persons, mostly Kurds fleeing […]

Some myths about the PKK

A few things about the PKK and its branches are propagated by its fans, which are nothing more than myths. These are mentioned in the following video file. – Countries in the region fighting against the PKK and its branches are “at war with the Kurds are”! Meanwhile, the number of PKK members is not […]

Washington: PKK/SDF does not allow Arabs to decision-making positions

When PKK’s Syrian branch PYD, and its armed wing YPG was founded, it had as primary goal to form a Kurdish statelet in North-Syria. Its plans did not include the Arab majority of the region and many reports by international Human Rights organisations reported ethnic cleansing of Arabs in the territory it occupied. As ISIS […]

Yazidi militia performing ethnic cleansing in West Mosul

A Human Rights Watch report issued on Wednesday urged the Iraqi government to hold fighters from Iraq’s Yazidi community accountable for war crimes. The watchdog reported that Yazidi armed forces executed 52 civilians in apparent revenge killings after capturing territory from ISIL extremists. “For those units that have been abusive, there has to be some […]