On Twitter, Turan Rasul: Photos speak

Political analyst Turan Rasul Turkoglu, on his Twitter page, addressed the issue of child soldiers in the People’s Defense Units (YPG), the armed wing of the PKK in Syria, and leaves judgement on the presence or absence of child soldiersin the PKK by bringing pictures of a number of killed members of the group and quoting its affiliated media.

While YPG like PJAK or other branches of the PKK, at first, denied the existence of child soldiers, but then accepted and promised to stop the process of recruiting the children as soldiers, but reports indicate that this action is still ongoing.

“While we know these children should have gone to school, the YPG  forced them to take up arms and they were eventually killed,” writes Turan Rasul. He accuses the Western media of double standards for not covering the issue.

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