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Murad Aslan about PKK / YPG: 313 child soldiers recruited only in 2019

In an interview, Murad Aslan, a security expert, said that the PKK / YPG continues to violate children’s rights and thus commit war crimes under international law by recruiting children as soldiers. The expert referred to the United Nations report on child soldiers in 2019  and noted that 313 children have been abducted, deceived and […]

On Twitter, Turan Rasul: Photos speak

Political analyst Turan Rasul Turkoglu, on his Twitter page, addressed the issue of child soldiers in the People’s Defense Units (YPG), the armed wing of the PKK in Syria, and leaves judgement on the presence or absence of child soldiersin the PKK by bringing pictures of a number of killed members of the group and […]

ISIS attacks are increasing in Syria and Iraq

On the map above you can see the location of ISIS attacks in April 2020 in both Syria and Iraq. When we focus on Syria, we can see most of the attacks are clustered in PYD/PKK-controlled areas. These areas form an insecurity vacuum in Syria. We can also conclude an increase in the amount of […]