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Yet another ISIS prison break-out

Sources in Hasekah tell IKHRW another breakout attempt is happening right now at the major ISIS detention facility there, housing thousands of suspected ISIS fighters. Coalition drones and helicopters are circling over the Gheiran neighborhood for two hours now, and locals have been asked to remain indoors. The uprising is in an ISIS detention facility […]

ISIS attacks are increasing in Syria and Iraq

On the map above you can see the location of ISIS attacks in April 2020 in both Syria and Iraq. When we focus on Syria, we can see most of the attacks are clustered in PYD/PKK-controlled areas. These areas form an insecurity vacuum in Syria. We can also conclude an increase in the amount of […]

SDF can’t secure a river crossing: security vacuum in SDF-held areas continues

Translated from German Syria Democratic Forces, backed by International Coalition air support, raided river crossings used for smuggling goods and people from SDF-held areas to government-held areas on the Euphrates river’s other bank. The East-Euphrates area is known for its attacks by ISIS sleeper cells. Reports state that smugglers here pay taxes to ISIS to […]

Why SDF calls for humanitarian truce?

In North-East Syria, attacks by ISIS and unidentified groups are continuing. In March 2019, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the defeat of ISIS in Syria after the Battle of Baghouz Fawqani, near the Iraqi border. In Iraq, the government in Baghdad declared victory over the Sunni Islamist group at the end of 2017. […]
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