SDF can’t secure a river crossing: security vacuum in SDF-held areas continues

Translated from German
Syria Democratic Forces, backed by International Coalition air support, raided river crossings used for smuggling goods and people from SDF-held areas to government-held areas on the Euphrates river’s other bank. The East-Euphrates area is known for its attacks by ISIS sleeper cells. Reports state that smugglers here pay taxes to ISIS to let them pass through smugglers roads.
The raid targeted river crossings in Al-Shuhayl and Theban towns in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, where SDF opened fire on the ferries there in order to sabotage them, leaving not only smugglers but also civilians without a way to earn their bread.
Sources reported earlier that smuggling continued from SDF-held areas to other areas under control of Syrian government in Deir Ezzor, via river crossings between the SDF-held town of Al-Shuhayl and the government-held town of Baqrus. Reportedly, ISIS sleeper cells use these roads too.
All precautionary measures by SDF have failed to stop such smuggling operations, which is especially dangerous with the spread of the novel coronavirus in government-held areas.
Our source confirmed that these smuggling operations have triggered widespread resentment among people who are afraid that SDF-held areas may catch infection and provokes ISIS violence as it raids and then retreats, leaving the civilians that are forced to help them in the area exposed to a big threat. SDF only enters this area with airsupport.
Reports keep confirming the SDF’s loss of control over the security situation in its areas.
Farmers found the body of a young man with marks of torture on it dumped on the road to Al-Manakher mountains, south of Al-Karama town in the eastern countryside of Al-Raqqah. The body was taken later to Al-Tabaqah hospital.
According to medical sources, the body is of a young man in his thirties who has been strangled to death with a plastic tape after being tortured with a sharp tool.
Separately, three children from Khesham village were wounded due to the explosion of an old landmine, planted by ISIS, near Al-Koneko oilfield in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.
And just tonight, we have documented a new assassination in eastern Deir Ezzor in the wake of deteriorating security in SDF-held areas in the province. Two unknown gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead an ex-fighter of the SDF in Theban town, in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

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