From Shiwan Kharabati to Simko Sarheldan

Since 2004, when PJAK was established as a branch of the PKK, Mahabad region has also been a victim of this anti-Kurdish group. PJAK members also sacrificed a teenager named Shiwan Kharabati, son of Mansour and Asieh, to their sinister goals in a deprived village of Mahabad.

Shiwan thought that PJAK was a commercial company operating in Iraqi Kurdistan, where, according to PJAK members, he was going to find a better job and help his family. Shiwan was taken to the ruins in Qandil. He suddenly found himself in the caves of this impassable mountain and had no way back.

PJAK named him Simko Sarheldan to become a rebel and looter like Simko. The same Samko who looted Mahabad and people are still talking about his looting in Mahabad. Simko was held for several years until he was killed in a Turkish airstrike in Qandil.

His parents tried many times to see their child and bring him back, but PJAK’s response was nothing but humiliation and insult.

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