How was Khadang deceived?

PJAK, which is also known as the monster and deception group, trapped Aziz Khadangi. Aziz Khadangi, the son of Lezgin and Golnaz, was born in a remote village in the Maku region of West Azerbaijan Province, Iran, and was still a teenager when he encountered PJAK members while grazing lambs in the summer in the desert.

Aziz did not know anything about tricks and monsters, soon fell into the trap of PJAK tricks and, without informing his parents, set off on a path of no return. Aziz was taken to Qandil after a long journey. First, by wearing PKK / PJAK uniforms, he wore death and violence uniforms and they named him Lezgin Brusk. Lezgin was not supposed to survive very long because the PKK faces a shortage of fighters, so PJAK is providing PKK with Iranian Kurdish children and adolescents as fighters, so a way has been set up. Shortly after arriving in Hakkari, Turkey, he was shot by the Turkish army and his body was left in the mountains.

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